DV's Anthems Vol​.​4

Various Artists - 2020


DV's Anthems Vol​.​4 - 2020

Le numéro 6 du fanzine DV's est en ligne et il est accompagné de la compilation DV's Anthems Vol.4

DV's Anthems Vol​.​4 - 2020

1 The Aquamarines Stormtail
2 Baby Chaos The Only Wings that Last
3 Klimax If You Forget Me
4 Naipia Message
5 Spudgun I Feel Fine
6 Bourbon Stay in Bed
7 Holy Fake News Moon Shaped Flags
8 Rikikikiki '68
9 The Sino Hearts Rock'n Roll Hurricane
10 Myciaa Feu de Joie
11 Scheißeberg Cats VS Tigers
12 W-Mute Sun Skate Boulevard
13 We live in trenches Out of the Dark
14 Su Ku Ning March
15 Presence Of Soul Lost
16 Gargle Hibernation
17 Spektr Material Men of Fortune
18 Tak Une Bulle